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The course is a group course and I organize it once a quarter. I love these women’s meetings. I am enjoying it more and more with you because I am learning with you too. I am an official makeup tutor and I know I can explain and teach makeup techniques. You don’t have to worry about groups and situations where you won’t get your turn, therefore I won’t cover your makeup. I am confident that I am always refining the course procedure and therefore have no problem training more people. I have a system that I use to make sure that each of you leave with a sense of having answered the questions you signed up for the course to answer. Practically we will try out several makeup looks, I focus on eye shading, face, eyebrows as well as shaping it. I will teach you how to choose the right makeup, concealer, or powder. We learn contouring and scrubbing. The course is a one day course of 7 hours.

The price of the course is 480 € including VAT and you don’t need to bring anything to the course just a good mood.

The course is aimed at makeup enthusiasts. We teach a more detailed understanding of skincare before makeup. Estimating makeup for a diverse clientele. Application and processing of makeup, concealers, or powders. Learning contouring and its benefits. Skin typology and appropriate product selection is an important part. We learn eye makeup techniques and proper blending. We work with brushes. We learn to glue lashes and emphasize beautiful lines. Each participant will take away a certificate (not accredited, accreditation is used to open your own studio)

The course is two days of 7 hours each and in that time I will prepare you technically to be able to move on, which is my goal. After the course, I am interested in the best participants to be part of my Lucid Style brand.

The price of the course is 1000 € including VAT.

Price 480-1000,-

The listed prices are in euros and with VAT

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