Classic makeup & hairstyle

I consult make-up and hairstyle directly on the order. I customize it to the event you visit me for. My goal is to prepare you, the client, so that both parties are happy and you will come back next time. I try to perform both services in a way that will last throughout the day and evening. This service includes daytime makeup, evening makeup, photo shoots, clip shoots, spots and more. The total makeup session takes approximately 60 minutes and is done at my studio. If it is necessary for me to relocate to you, it is by our mutual agreement where I charge additional fees (travel expenses).

It is advisable to carry powder and lipstick with you after applying make-up. Hair freshly washed at home, not by a hairdresser and please skip hair care products such as restorative masks and oils. I also ask for raw hair, i.e. not ironed. Finally, my recommendation to my clients, makeup is prettier and cleaner without over clumped eyelashes (3D).

price from 160,-

the listed prices are in euros and with VAT

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Please contact me by phone only. We will agree on all the necessary details and I will book an appointment just for you!

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