What am I going to learn…?

This course is divided into theoretical and practical parts.

In the theoretical part we introduce the products and explain their use for day, evening makeup, TV makeup, photoshooting makeup.

In the practical part we go STEP BY STEP ..

Using of artificial eyelashes, shaping eyebrows and eyeliners, facial correction, nude make-up, or the trends in make-up themselves .. hydration, makeup application, face types, eye types, skin typology, eye blending.

Thanks to long-term practice, I can explain to you more precisely how it all works in the make-up industry.

Each participants learns a lot of necessary information to enter into practice technically prepared.

There is no need to bring anything to the course and it is intended for beginners and intermediate ladies or gentlemen.

We work in pairs.

This course is led by me as well as all the others offered.