Eyeliner marker 100% waterproof

A marker that fulfils the desire to quickly apply eyelashes without the use of adhesive. It serves as a classic eyeliner and its sticky consistency is guaranteed to help you achieve your dream of seamless eyelash gluing. It is WATERPROOF and therefore suitable for any weather. You can use the eyeliner on a daily basis. The marker is suitable for LUCID Style eyelashes.

TIPS & TRICKS: if you have a droopy lid, apply the liner only to the point where the eyelashes are attached. If you feel sticky, set the liner with a matte dark shadow. If you’d like a brown liner, feel free to use a brown shadow and use the shadows to soften and recolour the line. The trick is also to use a shimmery shadow on the liner, for example, so you can playfully get creative with your makeup. Recolour and fix the liner after applying the eyelashes.

Great, right? FOR ME, A GREAT PRODUCT!


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